South Perth Foreshore Threat

Permanent impact on Sir James Mitchell Park

The City of South Perth wants to raise $7 million to develop an unneeded facility in the middle of one of Australia’s most pristine and appealing parklands!

Plans are well advanced that will rob the park of more than 2,000 square metres of open space.

This can be stopped, but only by resident action.

Please help halt this encroachment into our much- loved park by attending a special meeting of electors.


6PM Thursday 8 June 2017
South Perth Community Hall
(Cnr Sandgate St & South Tce South Perth)

3 thoughts on “South Perth Foreshore Threat

  1. HI there. I am unable to come to the meeting against the foreshore development, but will there be a petition set up where one may sign against it?
    Thank you, from a Concerned Resident


    1. As a south Perth resident I object to our wonderful foreshore being used to build unneeded monuments which only serve to satisfy the egos of council members.
      I suggest that the vandals, supporting such an obnoxious edifice on our parkland, take a visit to lake Claremont to see the wonderful, simple reconstruction of the park. All achieved by judicious planting of selected trees and bush plants which are natural beauty, full of native water fowl and other birds; and I suspect much less expensive than $7million spent on an innate slab of coloured concrete.
      Please reconsider

      David Hughes


      1. I think that South Perth would be better served by replanting some of the foreshore with attractive native trees/bushes. This alternative would enhance the foreshore with colour and birdlife/birdsong, and cost substantially less than the quoted sum to complete the current plan.
        Please take a trip to Lake Claremont to see what enhancing the foreshore with bird attracting native fauna can achieve.


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