Threat to open space

Council plans buildings on iconic parkland

The green open space of South Perth is again under threat by ill-considered plans that would forever change the South Perth foreshore.

The City of South Perth wants to build an unnecessary facility right in the middle of Sir James Mitchell Park, which would not only rob the park of more than two-thousand square metres of existing open space, but create an architectural eyesore in the centre of the suburb’s greatest natural asset.

The Council plans to convince federal and state governments and private investors to provide $7 million for a project named “Westralian Centre”, which will replicate already existing exhibition space across Perth.

So far, the Council is yet to satisfactorily explain why such a project is necessary or why it wants to develop a facility that will have a permanent impact on the outstanding visual appeal of one of Australia’s most pristine and appealing parkland areas.

At the initiative of the South Perth Residents Association Incorporated, the Council has called a special electors’ meeting at the South Perth Community Hall on Thursday 8 June at 6pm.

Chair of the association, Cecilia Brooke, is urging South Perth residents to attend.

“If you care about the encroachment on our suburb’s open space for dubious community gain, please attend the community meeting so that the City of South Perth can hear your views and be left in no doubt about where residents stand on this important issue,” she says.

Cecilia Brooke points out that the project depends on raising at least $7 million from state and federal governments and private funding arrangements – a big

Date: 17 May 2017

challenge in current stringent economic times. Management and maintenance costs for the centre will rely on successful venue hire arrangements, but will otherwise fall back on ratepayer funds.

The impact of this unnecessary proposal is very evident when viewed at the City of South Perth website. 

2 thoughts on “Threat to open space

  1. I am unable to attend the meeting on the 8 June 2017 but strongly support your Association’s stand to abolish the development on Sir James Mitchell Park. I am a rate payer and consider this is not a core business function of The City of South Perth.


  2. I do not support the development on the south Perth foreshore. This area gives all people a green open space to enjoy. I also feel that the development will impact on rates with ongoing maintenance and upkeep being an issue. Let the City of Perth have it if it is that important


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