Residents angry over plans

Residents of South Perth are being urged to attend a special community meeting tomorrow night to make their views clear over a proposal to build a cultural facility in the middle of one of Australia’s most pristine parklands.

City of South Perth wants to rob Sir James Mitchell Park of more than two- thousand square metres of green open space to build the $7 million centre, which will be an eyesore clearly visible to all park users.

City of South Perth Residents Association Inc president Cecilia Brooke says she has been overwhelmed by the massive support the association has received since it first raised objections to the plan last month.

She says many residents are angry that their council wants to interfere with the undeveloped green space on the South Perth foreshore, which is unique among Australia’s capital cities.

“This would set such a dangerous precedent leading to an inevitable push for other unwanted buildings in the park.”

Ms Brooke says that even though the building plans are still in the concept stage, now is the time to nip such ideas in the bud and to make it clear to Council that encroachment on such unique parkland won’t be tolerated by residents.

She reiterated that Sir James Mitchell – a former premier and governor of Western Australia – decreed that the park should be used as public open space for passive recreation purposes.

For further details contact Cecilia Brooke of the City of South Perth Residents Association on 0439 930 157

2 thoughts on “Residents angry over plans

  1. Unfortunately due to health issues, I am unable to attend the special meeting on June 8. I would however, wish to register my objection to the proposed construction at Sir James Mitchell Park

    I am outraged at :

    the lack of communication regarding the proposed building;
    the lack of communication regarding where the money for this construction is to come from
    the need for such a construction
    the impact on all of such a construction.

    I am a senior citizen and regular walker along the river. I cannot imagine the impact the construction period alone will have on both pedestrians, cyclists and dogs who currently enjoy the ambience of such a wonderful space.

    I cannot think of one good reason for this proposed building.


  2. See above comments. Please advise if this was not received. I feel very strongly about the lack of consultation regarding this proposed building.


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