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Recently, the City of South Perth Residents Association Incorporated along with the JMH Action Group, the Manning Community Association Inc, Salter Point Community Group Inc and South Perth Peninsula Action Group Inc wrote to the Hon Rita Saffioti MLA, Minister for Planning and Mr David Caddy, Chairman, WA Planning Commission seeking urgent meetings to discuss the shortcomings in the City of South Perth’s approach to planning. 


If we, as a representative group, are granted meetings, our objective will be to convey the community’s concerns about planning issues in the City of South Perth (generally) as well as the lack of meaningful consultation on the Local Planning Strategy (LPS) and Activity Centre Plan (ACP).


Late last year, we were pleased that our Council deferred advertising of the ACP to April 2019, to give sufficient time for the community to be involved and for a number of important issues to be resolved.  We understand that the WA Planning Commission may have a different view about the timing of this and may prefer for the City of South Perth to advertise the ACP this month, so we are seeking clarification about that. 


See our Facebook page for more updates!

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