The Mission of CoSPRA is to preserve and enhance the City of South Perth area:

  • we provide an independent voice to represent the residents and ratepayers from the City Of South Perth on any issue that may affect the local community;
  • we ascertain and represent the interests of the majority of members, by making representations on their behalf to Local, State and Federal authorities or other bodies, on issues that may affect their interests both private and public;
  • we aspire to be a guardian for the needs and rights of the people of the City of South Perth;
  • we encourage community spirit and social interaction in the City of South Perth community;
  • we foster awareness of the fragility of our environment, preserving and conserving those natural features of the City of South Perth area including its’ parks and reserves;
  • we endeavour to monitor development projects which may affect the City of South Perth and keep to  the our members informed.


The idea to form a group called the City of South Perth Residents Association (CoSPRA) was suggested by a number of residents on 26th June, 2014, after which a request was made by Mr Joe Poprzeczny to hold a public meeting to discuss the WA Government’s proposed amalgamation of the City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park. The meeting was held at the Como Bowling Club on 16th July, 2014, and the Hon John McGrath was invited to address the meeting. Subsequently, a petition was circulated to the residents of the City of South Perth. This petition was signed by over 2,000 people and it was presented to the Hon John McGrath in front of the South Perth City Council after which it was formally presented to the WA Parliament.

On 30th July, 2014, a second meeting of CoSPRA was held at the Como Bowling Club to elect office bearers. The Association’s first objective was to deal with the planned forced amalgamation of the City of South Perth with the Town of Victoria Park. Our campaign highlighted the lack of a business case by the Barnett Government for the amalgamations. The Government was forced to allow residents of the South Perth and Victoria Park, East Fremantle, Kwinana and Cockburn to vote on the issue. The outcome was a resounding rejection of the amalgamation by residents in South Perth, East Fremantle and Kwinana, which resulted in complete abandonment of the ill-conceived plan.

In February 2015 the CoSPRA committee worked on a draft Constitution for CoSPRA to become incorporated, and on the 15 October 2015, the Association became an incorporated entity.

Since the successful anti-amalgamation campaign, CoSPRA has been very active in making comment on many issues affecting planning issues in South Perth as well as supporting other groups within the City.  The association now has over 190 residents as supporters on its books.


Chair person: Cecilia Brooke

Deputy Chair person: Carl Celedin

Secretaries:  Keryn Zeeb

Treasurer: Peter Howat

Committee Members: Les Ozsdolay, Chris McMullen, Kim Clifton, Masoud Malakouti, Adelaide Kohler

Observer: Trevor Hill